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About Lrn2Fish

Welcome to Lrn2Fish, dosage the World’s Foremost Authority on Fishing Education. Lrn2Fish is a series of schools, store designed by fishermen for fishermen, which cater to both the new or experienced angler, either open water or ice anglers alike. Having a legendary list of the most influential names in the fishing industry to teach these schools, we developed a hands on along with a one on one learning environment to accomplish our mission of helping you become a better angler. All of this experience and knowledge will be shared with you, both in the classroom and on the water, and will be taught in a very easy to understand and enjoyable setting. Lrn2Fish has handpicked each school destination to be held on waters with the best bites known in the fishing circle, all to accomplish our mission and to give you the best chance to learn the most of what we are teaching. All of this, along with the years of educating hundreds of anglers through our Ice Roads programs, has allowed Lrn2Fish to become the number one choice by those looking to increase their knowledge of the sport of fishing. Our knowledge and experience is something we wish to pass along to you, so please come in and check us out!

Thank You,

Jim and Hannah Hudson




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